Impacting From the Sole

show me shoes

“To encourage and inspire young girls to become successful young women giving them the gift of opportunities, networking, and leadership by “Building confidence from the “SOLE”  is the mission statement of the Show Me Show Foundation and the foundation has done just that.

Founder Anneka Jenkins started the Show Me Shoes Foundation in 2009. Show Me Shoes is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. With a good heart Anneka went straight in to get the organization started. Anneka’s vision was to assist young girls who have experienced unexpected hardships. Anneka and her team have done just that and even more. By putting on events here in Atlanta and workshops for young women. Connecting young women to professionals in all different fields and even some local celebrities like Toya Wright. Show Me Shows Foundation is helping young women build leadership and helping build young women’s confidence one sole at a time. “The reason I started Shoe Me Shoes is to empower young women to recognize their dopeness” said Anneka.

For six years straight the Show Me Shoes Foundation has been helping young women around Atlanta in many ways.  Offering a wide range of helping out with providing prom dressing to young women who can’t afford them to providing a way for young women to network.

One event Show Me Shoes holds here in Atlanta every year is Prom Project. Prom Project is an event where Show Me Shoes provides slightly worn prom dresses and shoes to high school girls whose families can’t afford to buy dresses for their proms. This year was the 6th annual Prom Project. Receiving  over 200 dresses giving the 91 girls that came out to select dresses options, this was the biggest Prom Project Show Me Shoes has held here in Atlanta.

FullSizeRender (2)

Another event that Show Me Shoes holds every year is Moguls in Heels. Moguls in Heels is an event where Show Me Shoes invites young women to be inspired by successful women. Successful women such as entrepreneurs, community leaders, taste makers, millennials, and small business owners who are making a difference in their community. The reasoning for this event is to inspire and encourage each other while raising money for the community.

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The Show Me Shoes foundation loves to hold all kinds of events to simply show young women that they can be successful. “The girls remind me to continue to keep being thankful and keep enjoying life” said Anneka. The Show Me Shoes foundation is also an award winning foundation, winning serval local awards. Winning awards for their greatness such as the 2015 Center Link “Community Choice” – Best Organization Nominee and 2015 “Capture Kindness” ThriveEnt Financial Winner, just to name a few.


“My advice to young women is to enjoy the journey so that the outcome is everything.” – Aneeka Jenkins


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